Syrianair B747SP returns into service

Syrianair will take both their B747SP back into service! The USA have given green light to export spare-parts required to repair the 2 B747SP operated by Syrianair, YK-AHA msn 21174 and YK-AHB msn 21175.

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Both Syrian B747SP’s were grounded in Damascus and have been seen parked for a long time.

 “Two days ago, we received from the U.S. Trade Department the approval needed for rehabilitating two Boeing 747s which were not in use,” Transport Minister Ya’rob Badr told reporters.”

U.S. diplomats based in Damascus were not available to comment, but President Assad made it clear on several occasions that “dialogue with Washington has started in a serious manner through personalities who are close to the administration and who were dispatched by the administration.”

Two weeks ago, President Obama dispatched a congressional delegation to the Syrian capital, headed by Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wa., a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, to discuss with leaders here the best way to further ties between the two countries.

The aircraft is tentatively scheduled to operate eights flights per week to five different Middle Eastern destinations between the start of July and the end of October 2011.

According to the carrier’s current GDS schedule the Jumbo Jet will replace Airbus A320s on one of three weekly flights to Abu Dhabi and Dammam as well as two of three weekly services to Algiers, five weekly links to Jeddah and eight rotations to Dubai.


Source: CBSnews (pdf), RoutesOnline

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Tommy Mogren
Tommy Mogren
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