Reg J2-SHF ever applied?

Was the registration J2-SHF ever painted on the aircraft ?

We would like to know if anyone has actually seen the registration J2-SHF on the aircraft?

We have received many reports of the Kinshasa B747SP 9Q-CWY ( c/n: 21300 / 304 ) seen with a new registration: J2-SHF.

However, all photos we have seen during that period have shown the aircraft without any visible registration at all.

Like this taken 2010-03-16:

Kinshasa B747SP without registration

If you have any confirmed sightings of the aircraft with the registration J2-SHF painted on it, please leave a comment below.
Yes, we would love a photo!


Indeed it has been painted on the aircraft. Faint, but painted.

J2-SHF Kinshasa 2007-11-14 JohnWoodPhoto: John Wood

As nicely pointed out to us by: Dave Ware on facebook.

Excellent. Case closed. Thank you!