Pan Am dual engine shutdown

A Pan Am 747SP departed HND – Haneda, Tokyo Airport at night.

While climbing out at 2500 to 2800 feet, several sharp explosions were heard accompanied by airframe jolts and flashes outside the left cockpit windows. Takeoff gross weight was 525.300 pounds.

The captain observed flames in the vincinity of number 1 engine and thought the engines had ingested birds.
He quickly brought the number 1 throttle to idle and start lever to cutoff.
At about the same time the flight engineer observed the number 2 engine EGT at 880 degrees and climbing. The flight engineers said “High EGT, it’s number 2” and shut down number 2 engine. Maximum EGT on number 2 engine reached 920 degrees before shutdown.

The aircraft continued to climb and was passing 3800 feet at 220 knots when the flight crew informed Departure Control that 2 engines were out and received clearance to return to Tokyo.
The flight was given vectors and intructed to maintain 3000 feet.

While inbound to the final approach course flight service personnel reported smoke in the cabin. The captain reported later that this convinced him that a landing had to be made as soon as possible.

As the airplane slowed during the final approach to runway 22, the flight engineer noticed number 1 engine EGT increase beyond 700 degrees and requested that the number 1 engine be shut down.

The 2 engine landing checklist was interrupted to accomplish the engine shutdown checklist. Adter number 1 engine was shut down, the 2 engine emergency checklist was completed as the airplane passed approximately 200 feet AFE.

The airplane landed at 520.000 pounds (70.000 pounds above maximum landing gross weight) without further incident except that the autobrake system would not remain engaged during the rollout.
The total flight time was 13 minutes.

The number 2 engine failure was caused by a failure of the number 2 bearing. No irregularity was found with the number 1 engine.
The flight was dispatched out of Tokyo after the number 2 engine was changed.

Crosscheck February 1977 issue

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Tommy Mogren
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