P4-FSH ready for Africa 2016

P4-FSH B747SP Ready for African mission

Once again, Ernest Angley Ministries are preparing a mission to Africa. This time the destination is Captetown, South Africa. 

Ernest Angley B747SP Pf-FSH

On February 2:nd 2016 the aircraft, B747SP P4-FSH (c/n: 21963 ) was ferried from it's winter storage at BNA (Nashville, USA) to it's homebase at CAK (Akron Canton, USA).

In mid February the aircraft is planned to cross the Atlantic and head for Capetown.
The schedule in Capetown looks like this at the moment:

First Week:

Second Week:

Friday, February 19 Thursday, February 25
Saturday, February 20 Friday, February 26
Sunday, February 21 Saturday, February 27
Sunday, February 28






So we can expect the aircraft to leave CAK on or about the 17-18:th of february.

Keep your eyes open and your cameras ready!
Please submit any sightings of P4-FSH here.


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