P4-FSH heading for Soweto 2018

Star Triple Seven heading for Soweto mission 2018

Ernest Angley Miracle Crusade

Today P4-FSH (21963/441) departed CAK for it's mission to Soweto. 
The 747SP belongs to Ernest Angley Ministries and operates missions into Africa, almost yearly.

This year the destination will be JNB - Johannesburg, South Africa for the Soweto visit.

ErnestStar Triple Seven departed CAK 2018-03-13

The aircraft left the american coastline just south of Boston on FL370

Star Triple Seven at FL370

Schedule looks like this:

P4-FSH Schedule 2018

Aircraft will most likely be parked on a remote taxiway at JNB, as it usually is during his stay.

P4-FSH 747SP Star Triple Seven
Departure from JNB should be on March 26 or 27 as it will be heading back.

Ernest Angley Soweto 2018

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