N747NA B747SP NASA/Sofia returns home

N747NA B747SP NASA/Sofia returns home

Arriving in Hamburg, Germany on the 28:th of June 2014, N747NA

When she came she first performed a low fly past over the runway caught here by Thomas Nebel:

Then came back for the landing also by Thomas Nebel:

In over 5 months time N747NA has been undergoing heavy maintenance in Hamburg performed by Lufthansa Technik.

On 13:th of December she made a check flight after the performed D-check.

N747NA B747SP NASA checkflight

The day after, on December 14:th she was scheduled to depart Hamburg at 13:10 local time.

Lars Hentchel was out by the airport and caught her taking off in beautiful weather!

The takeoff was also captured on video by user Walkbyfeet:

And she was also captured from a helicopter by Alexander Golz:

Copyright: Alexander Golz
Copyright: Alexander Golz


She was believed to return to PMD where she is normally based.
But according to @SOFIAtelescope she landed safely at EDW/KEDW, Edwards Air Force Base

N747NA back at EDW
Photo: @SOFIAtelescope

Now the Secondary mirror mechanism must be installed again I guess.
Good to know she is Fit 4 Flight for another good many years!

Oh! you HAVE to look at these photos of N747NA shot from a helicopter at Hamburg!

(If you speak German, you can read more about it here.)

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  1. Have a look at the take off of the flight 143 in February 2014. Four german teachers (Now called SOFIA Ambassadors) join this flight. I am one of them. Enjoy it!


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