N4522V Entered uncontrolled descent

N4522V 747SP China Airlines

Enroute TPE-LAX when it lost thrust in no. 4 engine, then made uncontrolled descent from 41000 feet to 9500 feet over the Pacific Ocean. Aircraft suffered significant damage.

Aircraft, China Airlines 747SP N4522V c/n: 22805, was flying enroute TPE – LAX ( Taipei – Chiang Kai Shek International Airport ) – ( Los Angeles International Airport, CA ) on FL410.
About 300nmi northwest of San Fransisco the No. 4 engine lost power.
During the attempt to recover and restore normal power on no 4 engine, the aircraft rolled to the right, nosed over and entered an uncontrolled descent into the clouds.

As it broke out of the clouds at 11.000′, crew recovered and levelled at 9.500′. During descent/recovery the aircraft was damaged by acceleration forces and high speed. There was evidence the pilot was preoccupied with engine problems and didn’t monitor instruments and over-relied on autopilot.
The captain elected to divert to SFO – San Fransisco International where a safe landing was made.

1 crew member and 1 passenger seriously injured.
Total passengers: 251
Total crew: 23

N4522V at SFO after landing
China Airlines pilot Ming Yuen Ho explains at the San Francisco Airport on Feb. 21, 1985 what happended after his 747 plane hit a wind shear, lost power and dropped 32,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean. Ming Yuen Ho met with officials to help find the exact cause.
(AP Photo/Susan Gilbert)
Damaged aircraft.
Photo: Ed Terbeek
N4522V after landing at SFO.
Photo: Ed Terbeek

Air Crash Investigation China Airlines Flight 006

Read Report (pdf)
Read Brief Report (pdf)
Source: NTSB

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