Iran Air stores 747SP’s

Iran Air plans to scrap 3 747SP

The time has come…

EP-IAB 747SP Iran Air in sunset

We all knew it would happen sooner or later. Iran Air has kept their 747SP’s in service for a long time.
EP-IAA (20998/275) Iran Air’s first 747SP, was delivered on the 12:th of March in 19776.
Almost 42 years exactly on the day! That has to be some kind of record. 
Sure, it hasn’t been in service for the past months, but still…

The plans are to scrap store the following 3 aircraft:

EP-IAA (20998/275) 747SP Iran Air – Delivered 1976-03-12
EP-IAB (20999/278) 747SP Iran Air – Delivered 1976-05-10
EP-IAD (21758/371) 747SP Iran Air – Delivered 1979-07-12

These aircraft are currently parked at Tehran Mehrabad airport (THR). 
Most likely they will be used for parts.
Please let me know if any actual scrapping process begins!

The good news is that EP-IAC (21093/307) 747SP Iran Air will enter service again!
Most likely the parts from -IAA, -IAB and -IAD have saved her from the scrapping process, for now.

The three 747SP’s have now been stripped of all Iran Air markings and are all white.
They have also been towed to the YASHI ramp at THR, which is the THR scrapyard.

EP-IAA and EP-IAB parked on YASHI ramp at THR
Iran Air scrap 747sp @Aerospacetalk
EP-IAA, EP-IAB and EP-IAD parked on YASHI ramp. Photo credit: @Aerospacetalk

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Tommy Mogren
Tommy Mogren
Passion 4 Aviation and the 747SP in particular. Photographer and video producer. YouTube | Viking Wings

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