Clipper Plymouth Rock

Did Pan Am B747SP N538PA ever wear the name “Clipper Plymouth Rock” ?

According to a B747 Production Book, the aircraft N538PA B747SP Pan Am ( c/n: 21548 – 331) was renamed “Clipper Plymouth Rock” back in 1980. 

But we have photos before and after that date where it carries the name “Clipper Fleetwing” which is was given on roll-out from the Boeing factory in 1978.

N538PA B747SP Pan Am
Cipper Fleetwing

So the question is, did it ever wear the name “Clipper Plymouth Rock” ?

This photo below is showing “Clipper Plymouth Rock” but this is NOT a 747SP. 
This is N659PA, a B747-121. 

Clipper Plymoth Rock
N659PA B747-121 Pan Am – Clipper Plymouth Rock
Photo: Don Boyd

This Pan Am history site also places the “Clipper Plymouth Rock” name on the 747-121, and NOT on a 747SP.

This photo below, taken by John Wegg, is used on internet claiming it carried “Clipper Plymouth Rock”, but as you look closer, it is in fact wearing “Cipper Fleetwing”. 
Click for larger version.

N538PA 747SP Pan Am – Clipper Fleetwing. Photo: John Wegg.

You can also find completely false information on the site if you look at their list of Clipper Names. They have the N659PA B747-121 correct but a completely different registration again for the 747SP, see below…


So, I am STILL searching for photos to prove that Pan Am 747SP N538PA (or N537PA) actually wore the Clipper Plymouth Rock name.
Please contact me using the comments filed below if you have any photos or information that might help.

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Tommy Mogren
Tommy Mogren
Passion 4 Aviation and the 747SP in particular. Photographer and video producer. YouTube | Viking Wings

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    • Hi Marcus,
      Thanks, but that is, once again just a website with a list claiming a name.
      It doesn’t prove that the 747SP actually carried that name.

      So the question remains….


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