• SOFIA First Flight

    L-3 Communications announced today that NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), completed its first test flight following extensive aircraft modification and telescope integration at the company's L-3 Integrated Systems (L-3 IS) Waco, Texas facility.
  • South African Airways last 747SP flight

    On September 30th, ZS-SPC, known more fondly by the name "Maluti," lifted off the runway for a short ferry flight to the SAA Museum at nearby Rand Airport. It would be the last time an SAA marked 747SP would be airborne.
  • N136SW Being Scrapped

    A former CAAC and Air China 747SP that has been housed at a Pratt & Whitney facility in Plattsburgh, NY, is in the process of being cut up for scrap. N136SW, cn 21933/455, has been at Plattsburgh since June of 2001. Used primarily to provide spare parts for another Pratt ...
  • SOFIA 747SP Grounded?

    Funding for joint NASA-DLR program cut out of Fiscal Year 2007 budget program currently operating week-to-week and may be halted entirely by early summer.
  • N4522V Global Peace Ambassadors

    N4522V enters C-check in Dallas

    Global Peace Initiative 747SP to be serviced by furloughed United mechanics
  • P4-FSH Star Triple Seven

    P4-FSH is on the move

    Angley Ministries 747SP to pay a visit to the Great White North of Canada
  • 747SP Supplies for Tsunami Victims

    Relief Effort Conducted by Global Peace Initiative.747SP Picking up Supplies for Tsunami Victims to Land at Orlando Sanford
  • F-GTOM is history

    No more 747SP in Europe... F-GTOM is history Late on the 17:th of September 2002, Corsair's 747SP, F-GTOM (c/n: 21253) made it's last flight. The aircraft was ferried from Orly in Paris (ORY) to Chateauroux (CHR) for storage. The last flight in full Corsair colours was a short one, only ...
  • ZS-SPA is history

    ZS-SPA South African B747SP, c/n: 21132 is slowly being dismantled in the maintenance hangar at JNB. Michael Laschet has sent in the following photos, showing ZS-SPA as she looked on 15 March 2002. Related Images: