• HZ-AIF B747SP Saudi Arabian Stored

    HZ-AIF stored at JED Saudi Arabian has stored it's B747SP HZ-AIF ( 22503 / 529 ) since over a year at JED - Jeddah Airport in Saudi Arabia. Photo: David Fidler It can also be seen at Google Maps Saudi Arabian still operates 2 747SP's: HZ-HM1B 21652/329 HZ-HM1C 22750/560
  • P4-FSH 747SP Star Triple Seven

    P4-FSH on Dominican Republic mission

    September 8 2014, P4-FSH 747SP Star Triple Seven took off from CAK to Dominican Republic. It was part of the ministries mission 'Dominican Republic 2014' and we are very interested in any further sightings.   If you have any further details, please let us know! Related Images:
  • Iran Air to do a 747SP farewell flight

    Iran Air 747SP Farewell Flight Iran Air will do a special Farewell Flight on their B747SP EP-IAC. The last remaining 747SP in active service with Iran Air. On Sunday November 23 it will be doing the special charter flight for aviation enthusiasts. More details will follow, stay tuned! Related Images:
  • Iran Air 747SP

    Iran Air Summer 2013 Schedule

    Following the winter schedule published some time ago, this is what is planned for the summer of 2013. Tehran – Beijing 2013-04-03 -  2013-09-18 IR800 IKA-PEK 19:25 -  06:25 Wednesdays IR801 PEK-IKA 22:40 - 03:25 Thursdays 2013-09-25 -  2013-10-23 IR800 IKA-PEK 18:25 - 06:25 Wednesdays IR801 PEK-IKA 22:40 - 02:25 ...
  • Saudi Arabian 747SP HZ-HM1C

    HZ-HM1C back from SBD

    HZ-HM1C returns after 2 months at SBD
  • HZ-HM1C new registration for Saudi Arabian

    Saudi Arabian arrived at SNN using a 747SP on January 16 2013, this time wearing a new registration: HZ-HM1C.
  • vp-bat_800x600

    VP-BAT to be replaced ?

    A photo from the Boeing field of a B747-800 raises the concern if VP-BAT is to be replaced soon. As reported by PaineAirport.com this beautiful B747-800 recently flew at the Paine field. As you can see the colours, especially the tail is similar to that of VP-BAT. If you have ...
  • EP-IAA 747SP Iran Air

    Iran Air winter schedule

    Iran Air has made few adjustments for its East Asia operation since the launch of Winter schedule from 28OCT12, which includes the following: Tehran – Beijing 28OCT12 – 31DEC12 1 weekly service suspended 01JAN13 – 30MAR13 Service to be resumed with 2 weekly flights, however reservation remains unavailable IR802 IKA1720 – 0520+1PEK ...
  • Pratt & Whitney PW1200G First Flight

    The Pratt & Whitney PurePower® PW1200G engine successfully completed its first flight on April 30 2012, launching the engine family’s flight test program.
  • Syrianair B747SP license revoked

    As we reported earlier, Syrianair was allowed to buy spares from the U.S.A. to make their 2 B747SP's operational again. This was a very positive decision made by Barack Obama. Unfortunately the recent situation in Syria have forced the U.S.A's Department of Commerce to revoke that export license. On May 18, ...