• A4O-SO 747SP to New York

    Oman 747SP A4O-SO in New York
  • 3 x 747SP in the air

    Today we had a lovely moment to enjoy in 2019. 3 Boeing 747SP in the air at the same time. Let's go back 20 years in time and this would never make the news section here at 747sp.com. But today with only 10 active 747SP aircraft, I think it was ...
  • 747S Locations

    747SP Locations

    Location of all 747SP in service. Map to help you locate the 747SP I often see questions where the active 747SP's are in the world.  So I decided to help you all out and created this map for you.  Click on the icons to see which aircraft is mostly based ...
  • VP-BAT will become N7477S

    New registration reserved with the FAA
  • VP-BAT Cockpit

    VP-BAT for sale

    VP-BAT For Sale Once again listed as for sale. The beautiful 747SP VP-BAT (21648)  operated by the Royal Qatari family for the last 20+ years is now again listed as for sale. It was recently ferried from BOH to YLW (Kelowna) in British Colombia, Canada and has now been put ...
  • P4-FSH heading for Soweto 2018

    Star Triple Seven heading for Soweto mission 2018
  • EP-IAB 747SP Iran Air in sunset

    Iran Air scraps 747SP's

    Iran Air finally plans to scrap 3 747SP. We all knew it would happen sooner or later. Iran Air has kept their 747SP's in service for a long time.
  • P4-FSH on a new mission

    Star Triple Seven in Capetown South Africa mission 2017 The Star Triple Seven 747SP P4-FSH just arrived in CPT - Capetown, South Africa for it's 2017 mission.  Last year they were ready for departure but they discovered som issues with the engines and cancelled that trip. This time the trip is ...
  • Iran Air 747SP EP-IAB

    New 747SP video

    VIDEO OF IRAN AIR 747SP 4 HOUR VIDEO SHOWING ALL 4 Dedicated to 747SP Finally a aviation video fully dedicated to the 747SP. It's Iran Air who has opened up the cockpit door to my company Viking Wings who filmed and produced the video in HD quality. Iran Air has ...
  • PWC / SOFIA 747SP

    747SP users meeting

    747SP users meeting Sharing lessons learned During 3 days in October a special meeting took place at Palmdale, USA. It was what you could call a "747SP users meeting".  On the ramp you could see the NASA / SOFIA B747SP N747NA parked next to the Pratt & Whitney Canada B747SP ...