• N747NA back at EDW

    747SP Callsigns

    Identify the operators,Past & Present... Operator Callsign Aerolineas Argentina Argentina Air Atlanta Icelandic Atlanta Air China Air China Air Malawi Malawi Air Mauritius Airmauritius Air Namibia Namibia Alliance Jambo American American Avia Avian Australia Asia Austasia Bahrain Amiri Flight (V.I.P.) Bahrain Braniff International Braniff Brunei Gvmt (V.I.P.) ?? CAAC China ...
  • N347SP c/n: 21024

    747SP Milestones

    747SP MILESTONES A few important steps in the history of the Boeing 747SP     (assisted by Hans Jacobsson & Gabor Kerekes)
  • 747SP South African Airways

    South African Airways

    South African Airways was one of the biggest proponents of the 747SP. The SAA legacy actually began in July of 1974 when South African first placed an order for the aircraft, one of the first airlines to buy the still developmental airplane.
  • Boeing 747SP N40135

    Story of the B747SP

      When the 747 entered revenue service in early 1970, the people at Boeing had a big hit on their hands. Despite its size, the huge capacity aircraft brought seat/mile costs to new lows and opened up international travel to those who previously couldn't afford it. Pan Am, Northwest, TWA, ...
  • 747SP Flight Covers

    Over the years, many significant events have been celebrated with the issuance of special commemorative postage stamps, postcards and envelopes. These events range from Olympic games, to Worlds Fairs, to Presidential Inaugurations.
  • N532PA B747SP Pan Am

    A 747SP Love Affair

    A retired Pan Am skipper retells his brief, but very personal experience at the helm of an 747SP
  • Friendship One

    When United bought the pacific routes from Pan Am in 1986, the 747SP's came along with them. When the opportunity came for the 747SP to set a world record, United jumped at the chance by "loaning" the airplane to pilot Clay Lacy and his crews.