747SP users meeting

747SP users meeting

Sharing lessons learned

During 3 days in October a special meeting took place at Palmdale, USA. It was what you could call a "747SP users meeting". 

On the ramp you could see the NASA / SOFIA B747SP N747NA parked next to the Pratt & Whitney Canada B747SP C-GTFF. Can you imagine the sight ?

SOFIA 747SP - Pratt & Whitney Canada 747SP

Both operators are operating highly modified 747SP aircraft and arranged a meeting to share lessons learned, part sources and maintenance tips. 

PWC 747SP Fly-by

The Pratt & Whitney Canada 747SP made a nice fly-by as they arrived at PMD


Isn't that a sight?

Happy to hear about the meeting as they both learn lessons and can keep their fantastic aircraft in operations!


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