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21786 / 413 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1979-11-29N604BNBraniff  First Flight  
1980-04-23N604BNBraniff  Delivered  
1980-05-01N604BNBraniff International  SeenLAXPhoto
1980-06-23N604BNBraniff International  SeenMIAPhoto
1980-08-26N604BNBraniff  Seen Photo
1980-09-04N604BNAerolineas ArgentinasFull c/s, Reg LV-OHV under wing. N604BN on fuselage. Roll OutORY 
1980-09-04N604BNAerolineas ArgentinasFull c/s, Reg LV-OHV under wing. N604BN on fuselage. Other Departed for DFW.
1980-09-12LV-OHVAerolineas Argentinas  Bought  
1985-11-12LV-OHVAerolineas Argentina  Seen Photo
1986-01-01LV-OHVAerolineas Argentinas  SeenMIAPhoto
1986-05-29LV-OHVAerolineas Argentina  Seen Photo
1987-07-02LV-OHVAerolineas Argentinas  SeenEWRPhoto
1987-12-11LV-OHVAerolineas Argentinas  SeenEZEPhoto
1989-01-19LV-OHVAerolineas Argentinas  SeenLAXPhoto
1990-05-30 Caldwell Aircraft Trading  Bought  
1990-05-313B-NAQAir Mauritius  Bought  
1990-08-163B-NAQAir Mauritius Chateau BenaresSeenLHROperated MRU-GVA-LHR
1991-01-01 Air MauritiusMetal body Seen  
1991-07-303B-NAQAir MauritiusMetal enginesChateau BenaresSeenFRAPhoto
1991-08-063B-NAQAir MauritiusMetal enginesChateau BenaresSeenFRAPhoto
1992-06-273B-NAQAir MauritiusWhite enginesChateau BenaresSeenLHRPhoto
1992-07-013B-NAQAir MauritiusWhite enginesChateau BenaresSeenORYPhoto
1994-03-203B-NAQAir MauritiusWhite enginesChateau BenaresSeenLHR 
1994-04-013B-NAQAir MauritiusWhite enginesChateau BenaresSeenCDGPhoto
1994-04-033B-NAQAir MauritiusWhite enginesChateau BenaresSeenCDGPhoto
1994-05-013B-NAQAir MauritiusWhite enginesChateau BenaresSeenLHRPhoto
1994-07-013B-NAQAir MauritiusWhite engines SeenFRA 
1995-03-113B-NAQAir MauritiusWhite enginesChateau BenaresSeenMUCPhoto
1995-09-243B-NAQAir MauritiusWhite enginesChateau BenaresSeenJNBPhoto
1996-02-07A7-ABMQatar Airways  Bought  
1996-04-08A7-ABMNo titlesBasic Air Mauritius, no tail logo SeenLGWPhoto
1996-06-28A7-ABMNo titlesBasic Air Mauritius, no tail logo SeenLHRPhoto
1996-07-01 No titlesBare metal SeenLHR 
1996-08-01A7-ABMQatar Gvmt  Bought  
1996-08-02A7-ABMNo TitlesBasic Air Mauritius c/s SeenLGWPhoto
1996-09-25 No titles  SeenLHRIn BA maintenance hangar
1996-11-01A7-AHM   Reg Changed  
1996-11-18A7-AHMNo TitlesAll white with two tone blue cheatlines SeenLHR 
1996-11-20A7-AHMNo titlesAll white with two tone blue cheatlinesMusheirebSeenLHR 
1996-11-24A7-AHMNo Titles  MaintenanceLHRC-check done. Total hours: 51.287
1998-03-08A7-AHMQatar Airways  Other transferred
1998-03-09A7-AHMNo Titles  Other B-check done. Total hours: 51.301
1998-09-17A7-AHMNo Titles  Other A-check done. Total hours: 51.563
1999-09-20A7-AHMNo TitlesAll white with two tone blue cheatlinesMusheirebSeenJNBParked remote in the airport for the hunting season.
1999-10-01A7-AHMNo TitlesAll white with two tone blue cheatlinesMushereibSeenJNBPhoto
2000-02-09A7-AHMNo Titles  For Sale Listed as for sale. Total hours: 51.894
Sale document
2000-04-03    For Sale Listed as for sale by Boeing.
2000-11-16A7-AHMNo titles  Seen  
2001-07-017O-YMNYemen People's Republic  Bought  
2001-07-167O-YMNYemeniaWhite tail design OtherFRAFlew first service SAH-FRA.
2001-07-197O-YMNYemeniaWhite tail design SeenMUC 
2001-07-207O-YMNYemeniaWhite tail design SeenFRAPhoto
2001-07-277O-YMNYemeniaWhite tail design SeenVCEPhoto
2002-07-307O-YMNYemeniaNew colours SeenSZG 
2002-08-017O-YMNYemeniaNew colours Seen Photo
2004-04-027O-YMNYemeniaBold Titles SeenFRAPhoto
2004-11-257O-YMNYemenia  SeenTXLState visit
2005-01-297O-YMNYemenia  SeenSAHSeen parked on the apron in it's home base. Was seen being towed shortly after.
2005-11-067O-YMNYemenia  OtherHNDPresident Salah on a state visit to Japan. Arrived in tokyo.
2005-11-077O-YMNYemenia  OtherHNDAfter 3 days in japan, President Salah continues to US. HND-LAX
2005-11-077O-YMNYemeniaBold Titles SeenHNDPhoto
2005-11-087O-YMNYemenia  FlightLAXDeparted LAX 10.57PSR. Cruised at FL370. Arrived at KADW 17.52 EST.
President Saleh on official state visit.
Routing: LAXX5 SLI PDZ J60 CIVET J128 TBC J64 RSK J110 STL J134 LDN
2005-11-147O-YMNYemenia  SeenORYVisit of president Ali Abdallah SALEH
2006-08-057O-YMNYemenia  SeenSAH 
2006-11-187O-YMNYemenia  SeenMUC 
2006-11-187O-YMNYemeniaBold Titles SeenLHRDeparted for ORY.
2007-01-047O-YMNYemenia  SeenRIYPerformed touch-n-go at RIY and headed back towards SAH.
2007-06-277O-YMNYemenia  SeenORYPresidential visit
2007-12-047O-YMNYemenia  SeenMUCArrived from SAH
2007-12-057O-YMNYemenia  SeenMUCparked
2007-12-067O-YMNYemenia  SeenMUCDeparted for FRA.
2007-12-127O-YMNYemeniaThin Titles SeenMXPPhoto
2007-12-137O-YMNYemenia  SeenGVAAircraft arrived from Zurich on December 13th and departed on December 14th to Sanaa. Aircraft is wearing new smaller titles compared to pictures taken during late 2006.
2008-02-297O-YMNYemeniaThin Titles SeenTXLPhoto
2008-02-297O-YMNYemenia  SeenSTRArrived in the afternoon on Rwy 25.
2010-04-047O-YMNYemenia  SeenORY 
2010-10-127O-YMNYemeniaThin Titles SeenORYPhoto
2012-02-187O-YMNYemeniaThin Titles SeenCDGPhoto
2012-02-207O-YMNYemeniaThin Titles SeenLAXPhoto
2012-02-207O-YMNYemenia  SeenLAXSeen parked in the executive aircraft area off Imperial Highway at Los Angeles Airport for at least 3 days in Feb 2012.
2012-09-247O-YMNYemenia  SeenJFKArrived for the UN summit 2012
2012-10-047O-YMNYemenia  SeenORYPresident onboard.
Meeting with the French president
2012-10-057O-YMNYemenia  SeenORYDeparted at 07:00
2013-07-267O-YMNYemenia  SeenCLEParked on Tarmac. Foreign planes parked in this area are commonly here for royal visits to the Cleveland Clinic for treatment.
2013-07-287O-YMNYemenia  SeenADWPhotographed at Andrews AFB ADW arriving from CLE as IYE7000 Heavy with president of Yemen for meeting with president Obama.
2015-04-027O-YMNYemenia  DestroyedADEDestroyed during air strike on airport. Aircraft in flames.