747SP Milestones


A few important steps in the history of the Boeing 747SP


747SP announced


Boeing announces the 747SP (Special Performance) program.



The first parts of the 747SP are assembled. (Approximate date)

Roll out of the first 747SP


747SP-21 N530PA C/N: 21022 
(Became N747SP during testflights and returned to N530PA with Pan Am and N140UA with United, today dismantled for spares at Ardmore.OK) 

First flight of the 747SP


N747SP c/n: 21022
Captain: Jack Waddell, First Officer: S.L “Lew” Wallick, Flight Engineer: Kenneth R. Storms

Pan Am places firm order


Pan Am orders 10 747SP with options for 15 more.

7 month certification program


3 aircraft completed the 7 month certification program.

N747SP c/n: 21022
N247SP c/n: 21023
N347SP c/n: 21024
They flew 340 flights for a total of 544 hours!

Certified by FAA


The Boeing 747SP is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration for commercial service.

First 747SP delivered


Delivery of the first 747SP, c/n: 21025 named: “Clipper Freedom” to Pan American N533PA, also the 2800:th delivered Boeing jetliner!

New world distance record


New world distance record

South African Airways 747SP ZS-SPA, c/n: 21132 sets up a new world distance record for commercial aircraft by flying 10,290 miles (16,507 km) nonstop from Seattle-Paine Field to Cape Town in 17h 22m.
The MTOW of the 747SP at Paine Field was 323,547 kg with 50 passengers on board. When landing, ‘PA had enough fuel left for another 2h 27min of flight!

747SP in service


First 747SP in service with an airline (Pan Am)

Sets around the world record


Sets around the world record

N533PA of Pan Am “Clipper Liberty Bell”, c/n 21025, makes a special globetrotter flight: “Around the World in 46 hours” from and to New York with two stops; Delhi and Tokyo.

The flying time for the 22,864 mile trip totalled 39h 26min, and the elapsed time from-to New York was 46hr 26min with 2h stop in Delhi and 4h in Tokyo.

Sets North and South Pole record


Sets North and South Pole record

747SP N40135, c/n 21025, makes another round the world trip over both the North and South Poles.
Starting from San Francisco, it flew over the North Pole to London, Cape Town, over the South Pole to Auckland before returning to SFO.
Celebrated with the Special Flight 50 logo.

Last built 747SP flies


First flight of the 45th and last built 747SP c/n: 23610, registered N60659.

First 747SP scrapped


N140UA c/n: 21025 was the first 747SP to be scrapped at ADM.


(assisted by Hans Jacobsson & Gabor Kerekes)

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