Iran Air B747SP Enthusiast Special Flight

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Iran Air B747SP Enthusiast Special Flight Now is the time to book your seat on the Special 747SP flight with Iran Air B747SP  EP-IAC on Sunday 23 November 2014, arranged by www.airevents.de. The flight is confirmed and there is still time to buy your ticket and get your visa for

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747SP Operators

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747SP Operators Complete list of airlines operating the B747SP AIRLINE REGISTRATION DATES OF OPERATION Aerolineas Argentina LV-OHV 1980-09-12 – 1990-05-30 Air Atlanta Icelandic TF-ABN 1997-08-01 – 1999-05-23 P4-AFE 1997-07-01 – 1997-08-01 Air China B-2438 1992-06-03 – 1999-12-03 B-2442 1988-07-01 – 1999-11-01 B-2444 1988-07-01 – 1999-11-14 B-2452 1988-01-01 – 1999-11-12 N1301E

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South African Airways

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South African Airways was one of the biggest proponents of the 747SP. The SAA legacy actually began in July of 1974 when South African first placed an order for the aircraft, one of the first airlines to buy the still developmental airplane.

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