747SP users meeting

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747SP users meeting Sharing lessons learned During 3 days in October a special meeting took place at Palmdale, USA. It was what you could call a “747SP users meeting“.  On the ramp you could see the NASA / SOFIA B747SP N747NA parked next to the Pratt & Whitney Canada B747SP

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747SP Specifications

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747SP Specifications The Boeing 747SP is a four-engined long-range widebody airliner with a capacity of maximum 313 passengers in a partial double deck configuration produced by the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Name: 747SP  Manufacturer: Boeing  Category: Airliner  ICAO: B74S  IATA: 74L The 747SP (Special Performance) is basically a

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747SP Operators

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747SP Operators Complete list of airlines operating the B747SP AIRLINE REGISTRATION DATES OF OPERATION Aerolineas Argentina LV-OHV 1980-09-12 – 1990-05-30 Air Atlanta Icelandic TF-ABN 1997-08-01 – 1999-05-23 P4-AFE 1997-07-01 – 1997-08-01 Air China B-2438 1992-06-03 – 1999-12-03 B-2442 1988-07-01 – 1999-11-01 B-2444 1988-07-01 – 1999-11-14 B-2452 1988-01-01 – 1999-11-12 N1301E

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