• Iran Air 747SP

    Iran Air Summer 2013 Schedule

    Following the winter schedule published some time ago, this is what is planned for the summer of 2013. Tehran – Beijing 2013-04-03 -  2013-09-18 IR800 IKA-PEK 19:25 -  06:25 Wednesdays IR801 PEK-IKA 22:40 - 03:25 Thursdays 2013-09-25 -  2013-10-23 IR800 IKA-PEK 18:25 - 06:25 Wednesdays IR801 PEK-IKA 22:40 - 02:25 ...
  • Saudi Arabian 747SP HZ-HM1C

    HZ-HM1C back from SBD

    HZ-HM1C returns after 2 months at SBD
  • HZ-HM1C new registration for Saudi Arabian

    Saudi Arabian arrived at SNN using a 747SP on January 16 2013, this time wearing a new registration: HZ-HM1C.
  • vp-bat_800x600

    VP-BAT to be replaced ?

    A photo from the Boeing field of a B747-800 raises the concern if VP-BAT is to be replaced soon. As reported by PaineAirport.com this beautiful B747-800 recently flew at the Paine field. As you can see the colours, especially the tail is similar to that of VP-BAT. If you have ...
  • 20998_1999_ep-iaa_lastcolou

    Iran Air winter schedule

    Iran Air has made few adjustments for its East Asia operation since the launch of Winter schedule from 28OCT12, which includes the following: Tehran – Beijing 28OCT12 – 31DEC12 1 weekly service suspended 01JAN13 – 30MAR13 Service to be resumed with 2 weekly flights, however reservation remains unavailable IR802 IKA1720 – 0520+1PEK ...
  • Pratt & Whitney PW1200G First Flight

    The Pratt & Whitney PurePower® PW1200G engine successfully completed its first flight on April 30 2012, launching the engine family’s flight test program.
  • Syrianair B747SP license revoked

    As we reported earlier, Syrianair was allowed to buy spares from the U.S.A. to make their 2 B747SP's operational again. This was a very positive decision made by Barack Obama. Unfortunately the recent situation in Syria have forced the U.S.A's Department of Commerce to revoke that export license. On May 18, ...
  • 2 Syrianair B747SP in Riyadh

    Syrianair B747SP in Riyadh

    Mrs. Ghaida Abdullatif, Syrian Arab Airlines Managing Director & CEO, visited AlSalam Aircraft Co to check the actual status of the project workflow for the first time after the Syrian Air 2 Boeing-747SP’s were inducted for heavy maintenance.
  • Syrianair B747SP to AlSalam

    AlSalam Aircraft Co wins the deal worth US$50 million. Alsalam will perform heavy maintenance D-Check and replace the landing gear at Alsalam’s facilities at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh
  • 21174_2003_yk-aha_new

    Syrianair B747SP returns into service

    Syrianair will take both their B747SP back into service! The USA have given green light to export spare-parts required to repair the 2 B747SP operated by Syrianair, YK-AHA msn 21174 and YK-AHB msn 21175. Both Syrian B747SP's were grounded in Damascus and have been seen parked for a long time.  "Two ...