747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 21932
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1978-12-19B-2442CAACOtherOrder placed for aircraft
1980-01-24B-2442CAACRoll OutPAERolled out of Boeing facilities.
1980-02-14B-2442CAACFirst Flight
1980-02-27B-2442CAACFerriedPEKPAE-PEK Non stop flight to Peking.
1980-02-29B-2442CAACDeliveredPEKHanded over to CAAC
1988-07-01Air ChinaOtherTransferred to Air China
1991-03-01B-2442Air ChinaSmall tail logoSeenZRH
1994-07-19B-2442Air ChinaLarge tail logoSeenARNPhoto
1995-11-01B-2442Air ChinaLarge tail logoSeenPEK
1996-06-14B-2442Air ChinaIncidentARNCollided with gate. Dockingsystem not programmed correctly.
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1999-11-14N135SWNo Titlesex Air ChinaSeenMZJFirst observation at Marana.
1999-12-23N135SWUT Finance CorpSoldSold to UT Finance Corp.
1999-12-23N135SWReg Changed
2000-06-16N135SWNo Titlesex Air ChinaSeenMZJ
2001-09-06N135SWNo TitlesAir Force OneSeenVCVAircraft's portside was painted into Air Force One for a Taco Bell commercial. Unfortunately commercial was never completed. Starbord side is still ex Air China colours.
2001-10-22N135SWNo TitlesDual - AF One / ex Air ChinaSeenVCV
2001-11-06N135SWNo TitlesDual - AF One / ex Air ChinaSeenVCVNo engines
2002-02-11N135SWNo TitlesDual - AF One / ex Air ChinaSeenVCVPhoto
2002-04-22N135SWNo TitlesDual - AF One / ex Air ChinaSeenVCVNo engines but on gears.
2002-11-28N135SWNo TitlesDual - AF One / ex Air ChinaSeenVCVno engines, no gears
2004-10-16N135SWNo TitlesDual - AF One / ex Air ChinaSeenVCV
2005-03-01ScrappedLikely scrapped by now.
2018-01-10N135SWReg Cancelled


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