747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 21649
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1979-05-01N540PAPan AmFirst Flight
1979-05-11N540PAPan AmOld c/sClipper White FalconDelivered
1979-07-03N540PAPan AmClipper White FalconSeenSFOPhoto
1979-08-01N540PAPan AmClipper Flying ArrowOtherNew name
1980-01-01N540PAPan AmClipper Star of the UnionOtherNew name
1981-01-01N540PAPan AmChina ClipperSeenZRHNew name
1982-07-01N540PAPan AmChina ClipperSeenJFKPhoto
1986-01-01N540PAPan AmChina ClipperSeenZRHPhoto
1986-04-01N540PAUnitedPan Am Cheatline, UA titles in middleSeen
1986-06-01N149UAUnitedReg Changed
1987-01-01N149UAUnitedOld colours, small titlesSeen
1987-03-19N149UAUnitedIncidentORDSecond officer passed out en route. Aircraft diverted and ambulance transported crew member to the hospital.
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1987-07-20N149UAUnitedIncidentLAXEncountered severe nose wheel shimmy on landing, cause undetermined.
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1989-02-26N149UAUnitedOld colours, small titlesSeenMELPhoto
1989-06-26N149UAUnitedIncidentHNLNbr 3 engine fire warning light on. Diverted to HNL (Honolulu). Nbr 15 stage pneumatic coupling loose and near sensors.
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1991-01-08N149UAUnitedOld colours, large titlesSeenSFOPhoto
1991-06-01N149UAUnitedOld colours, large titlesSeenSFO
1993-12-01N149UATajik AirSnow LeopardLeased
1993-12-15N149UATajik AirSnow LeopardSeenLFR
1994-03-01N149UATajik c/sFerriedLASLHR-LAS. Put into storage at LAS upon arrival
1994-03-10N149UATajik AirSnow LeopardSeenLASPhoto
1995-08-29N149UATajik AirSnow LeopardFerriedHAMLAS-HAM
1995-08-30N149UABrunei GovernmentBought
1995-08-30N149UAReg Cancelled
1995-08-30N149UATajik AirSnow LeopardSeenHAMPhoto
1995-11-01V8-JBBBrunei GvmtReg Changed
1995-11-15V8-JBBNo TitlesAll metal with registration applied as a decalSeenHAMIn hangar.
1996-01-05No titlesAll white with no registrationSeenHAM
1996-01-25V8-JBBNo titlesAll whiteOtherHAMTest flight series, Jan 25-29
1996-02-01V8-JBBNo titlesFerriedACTHAM-ACT for VIP outfitting
1996-03-01V8-JP1Brunei GvmtReg Changed
1996-04-01V8-AC1Brunei GvmtReg Changed
1996-06-01Brunei GvmtOtherACTUndergoing conversion to B747-400 all-glass cockpit conversion.
1997-01-29V8-AC1No TitlesGreen belly, white top, two thin black cheatlinesSeenJFK
1997-01-31V8-AC1No TitlesGreen belly, white top, two thin black cheatlinesSeenLHR
1997-04-04V8-AC1No TitlesSeenHAMPhoto
1999-01-01A9C-ISABahrainOtherRegistration NTU
1999-02-01V8-AC1No TitlesSeenHAMPhoto
1999-02-05A9C-HHHBahrainReg Changed
1999-04-13A9C-HHHNo TitlesFull c/s, but with no titlesRoll OutHAM
1999-04-14A9C-HHHBahrainFull c/s with titlesSeenHAM
1999-04-20A9C-HHHBahrainFull c/s with titlesSeenGVA
2002-08-01A9C-HMHBahrainReg Changed
2005-05-14A9C-HMHBahrainSeenLHRParked outside BMI hangar.
2005-06-20A9C-HMHBahrainSeenORYCrown prince
2005-09-17A9C-HMHBahrainSeenSWFAircraft parked at Stewart, NY (KSWF) for a few days during the United Nations meetings in NYC. Departed the evening of Sept 17th.
2006-01-31A9C-HMHBahrainSeenLHRParked on the north side, near Terminal 5.
2006-03-26A9C-HMHBahrainSeenJFKAircraft in excellent condition. The engine cowls and leading edges are polished.
2006-04-21A9C-HMHBahrainSeenGVAArrived the previous day from OBBI. Back this day to OBBI on a ferry flight. Departed at 10:00 local time.
2006-05-15A9C-HMHBahrainSeenHAMIn front of Lufthansa Technik hangar:
2006-07-09A9C-HMHBahrainSeenMCORoyal VIP to Orlando via London. Aircraft will leave MCO on July 10, 2006.
2006-07-10A9C-HMHBahrainCity of BahrainSeenMCOAircraft parked on SFS West Ramp, KMCO.
2006-07-30A9C-HMHBahrainCity of BahrainSeenBOSParked on North Cargo Ramp
2007-01-20A9C-HMHBahrainSeenLHRTaking off around noon.
2007-01-23A9C-HMHBahrainSeenORYarrived at around 7.30pm
2007-01-28A9C-HMHBahrainSZGseen at salzburg departing after skiing holiday
2007-05-05A9C-HMHBahrainSeenBOSParked on the North ramp
2007-05-06A9C-HMHBahrainSeenCDGarriving from BOS
2007-05-11A9C-HMHBahrainSeenCDGDeparture 13h20
2007-07-04A9C-HMHBahrainGulf of BahrainSeenORY
2007-09-08A9C-HMHBahrainSeenLISBrought the Prince of Bahrain. Due to a horse race in Portugal.
2008-02-23A9C-HMHBahrainOtherCPTLeft Cape Town International Airport at 15h30
2008-02-23A9C-HMHBahrainSeenCPTSeen parked for 5 days 18-23 Feb 2008 on remote taxiway.
2008-05-29A9C-HMHLas Vegas Sands CorpBought
2008-06-01VQ-BMSNo Titlespartial Bahrain Amiri Flight c/s- no tail flag or titlesSeenIADArrived at IAD from LAS at 1905EST. Sitting on F/R ramp.White w/2 thin gold & 1 thin red cheatline. Partial red portion of the old flag still retained on the tail rudder. No titles.
2008-06-01VQ-BMSNo TitlesPartial Bahrain colorsSeenIADSeen at IAD on delivery flight from Bahrain. Arrived at 5pm and few hours later departed to LAS.
2008-08-04VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenFAIDeparted PAFA (Fairbanks, AK/USA) for BOS
2008-08-16VQ-BMSNo TitlesNew coloursSeenLASPhoto
2008-08-30VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenLAXPhoto
2008-09-01VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenLAXPhoto
2008-09-30VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenMZJAircraft in for a Heavy C-check. Estimated roll out on 2008-10-17
2008-12-21VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenNRT
2009-05-16VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenLASSeen departing off 7L for IAD
2010-02-15VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenLASAircraft was flying
2010-07-20VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenFLL
2010-07-21VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenFLLParked on ramp next to Fedex facility.
2010-07-21VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenFLLSeen at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Parked on FedEx ramp.
2010-07-22VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenLYSEta 15h49 UTC etd 17h59 UTC, probably FLL-LYS-SXF.
2010-07-22VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenSXFOn a flight from LYS to SXF arr at 9:20pm!!! And Now stay some days here!
2010-08-01VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenLBGArrived July 31st
2010-11-26VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenHKG
2011-01-05VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenLASWatched the plane depart runway 25R.
2011-06-14VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenLASTook off on 25R, no doubt headed to pickup some serious gamblers for the Sands Corp.
2011-06-17VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenOLBAt 5PM local time, a stretch limo pulled over to pick up a passenger.
2011-07-28VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenLASparked
2011-10-24VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenDURParked outside Dube TradePort Cargo Terminal.
2012-02-23VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenBOSParked with crew service vehicles, rear baggage compartment open for baggage.
2012-05-16VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenLASDeparted from runway 19L at 9:50am.
2012-07-15VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenATHArrived from LAS 12.35L. Departed 15.15L to DBV.
2012-07-22VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenBDSSeen in LIBR (BDS) airport at United Nation base for 3 hours. Dispatchers told us it was humanitarian help, Then it lined up RW31 for departure, waited 4 minutes, rolled out on the first taxiway and backtracked for another takeoff about 14 minutes later.
2012-08-16VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenANCDeparted, flew over NOPAC route into Japan, then to it's destination.
2012-10-05VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenTPEIt park for return.
2012-10-15VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenOSCFlew in this afternoon. Presently undergoing scheduled maintenance
2012-10-24VQ-BMSNo TitlesOtherOSCA/C having all landing gear changed for CPCP requirements
2012-12-05VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenIADWas parked at Dulles ramp during morning hours.
2013-04-02VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenTLVDeparted from Tel Aviv airport.
2013-05-12VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenBOSSeen parked on North ramp, no activity
2013-06-25VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenDALLayover.
2013-08-08VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenLASArrived and parked: Terminal 3 E2. Left at 20:15
2013-10-31VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenHKGDeparting HKG for LAS
2013-11-05VQ-HMSNo TitlesSeenEWRParked up on the North side.
2013-12-30VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenLAX1303L to OGG
2015-06-17VQ-BMSNo TitlesSeenLASI was at LAS everyday from 17 June to 07 July. Aircraft parked by Sands Hangers never saw it move. It looked in fine condition.from where I was on Sunset Road Viewing area.
2017-12-08VQ-BMSSeenTPEDeparted , bounding for NGO
2018-03-03VQ-BMSNo TitlesFlightSINArrived at SIN
2018-03-04VQ-BMSNo TitlesFlightSINFlew SIN-LAS. Departed SIN at 06 in the morning. Arrived LAS shortly after midnight 2018-03-05.


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