747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 21134
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1974-07-16South African AirwaysOtherOrder placed.
1976-05-17N8297VRoll OutPAENew aircraft rolled out.
1976-06-04N8297VBoeingFirst Flight
1976-06-10N8297VSouth African AirwaysFull SAA colours and titlesSeen
1976-06-11ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysDeliveredJNBAircraft delivered to JNB according to SAA files.
1976-06-16ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysMalutiFlightDelivery flight.
Details from the logbook of Captain Willem Steytler, Captain Archy Nasmith Crew: Captain Archy Nasmith Captain Jack Tindal Captain Willem Steytler Flight Engineer Anthony Watt Flight Engineer Vernon Du Toit.
17 June 1976 Seattle-Ilha do Sal 10 hours 45 minutes.
17/18 June 1976 Ilha do Sal-Jan Smuts 8 hours 30 minutes.
1976-10-09ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysOriginalMalutiSeenBSL
1977-03-23ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysFerriedFlown to the Boeing factory for straight staircase, landing gear upgrade, and other modifications
1980-03-01ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysOriginalMalutiSeenZRH
1980-10-12ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysMalutiFlightPresidential flight from 12th to the 17th of October 1980.
The route was Jan Smuts- Waterkloof- Mauritius-TSA- Taipei-Mauritius- Waterkloof- Jan Smuts.
The operating crew were Captains Meyer Botha, Mickey Mitchell, first officer James de Wet and Flight Engineers Adrian den Haan and Bill Herbst.
1982-12-09ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysMalutiFlightIADZS-SPC was the first SAA aircraft to land at Houston International Airport on the 9th of December 1982.
1984-04-28ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysOriginal, 50 years stickerMalutiSeenZRH
1984-09-02ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysRolled InJNBRolled into hangar for repaint into Air Mauritius.
1984-10-283B-NAGAir MauritiusChateau Du ReduitLeased
1984-10-303B-NAGAir MauritiusLeasedLease date according to SAA files.
1987-08-033B-NAGAir MauritiusChateau du ReduitSeenGVA
1994-10-11ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysMalutiReturned
1995-02-09ZS-SPCOtherJNBRolled into hangar for repaint into: Avia livery
1995-05-09ZS-SPCAviaSeenLGWFirst service for Avia
1995-09-10ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysReposessed
1995-09-10ZS-SPCSAA/SALAvia cheatlineSeenJNB
1995-10-01ZS-SPCSAA/SALAvia cheatlineSeenLHR
1995-10-25ZS-SPCAir NamibiaLeased
1995-10-29ZS-SPCTitles ??SeenJNBV5-SPF on service, so Air Namibia leased ZS-SPC for this 1 flight only.
1995-10-30ZS-SPCtitles ??Avia cheatllineSeenLHRAir Namibia flew WDH-FRA LHR
1995-10-31ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysReturned
1995-11-01ZS-SPCSAA/SALAvia cheatlineMalutiSeenJNB
1996-07-28ZS-SPCSAA - South African AirwaysOldSeenJNB
1997-01-01ZS-SPCSAA - South African AirwaysOldSeenFRA
1997-10-01ZS-SPCSAA - South African AirwaysOld, white bellyMalutiSeenFRA
1997-10-31ZS-SPCSAA - South African AirwaysStatus63734 hours, 13004 cycles.
1999-03-14ZS-SPCSAA - South African AirwaysRolled InJNBRolled into hangar for repaint into: Air Namibia
1999-03-15ZS-SPCAir NamibiaLeased
1999-04-19ZS-SPCAir NamibiaNew coloursSeenFRA
1999-09-01ZS-SPCAir NamibiaSeenWDH
1999-09-18ZS-SPCAir NamibiaSeenWDHFilmed by Tommy Mogren for World Air Routes.
1999-09-24ZS-SPCAir NamibiaSeenWDHDeparted WDH for JNB as Namibia 704
1999-09-24ZS-SPCAir NamibiaSeenWDHReturned from JNB to WDH as Namibia 711.
 See video of the landing in the cockpit.
1999-10-26ZS-SPCAir NamibiaSeenJNBArrived back from last Air Namibia flight.
1999-10-27ZS-SPCSAA - South African AirwaysReturned
1999-10-29ZS-SPCOtherFirst flight for SAA after Namibia lease.
1999-11-20ZS-SPCSouth AfricanNew c/sMalutiSeenPER
2002-10-02ZS-SPCSouth AfricanSeenJNBDeparted from gate B3 as SA070
2002-10-21ZS-SPCSouth AfricanNewMalutiSeenJNB
2003-10-24ZS-SPCSouth AfricanRetiredJNBThe aircraft operated its last flight SA 280/281 from Johannesburg- Perth- Johannesburg.
2003-11-19ZS-SPCGolden Tattoo TRD (Pty) LimitedBoughtThe operator did not take delivery of the aircraft and it was stored at Denel, JNB.
2005-05-03ZS-SPCWhite tailSeenJNBParked at Denel aviation, available for sale/lease.
2005-08-25ZS-SPCOtherSAA Museum Society is planning on preserving this aircraft at Rand Airport, South Africa.
2005-10-01ZS-SPCSouth AfricanSeenJNBParked outside in SAA technical area, behind hangar 8
2005-11-01ZS-SPCStatusAircraft formally handed over to the SAA Museum. Preparations for ferrying to Rand commence.
2006-09-29ZS-SPCSouth AfricanMalutiFlightJNBMade first flight in three years, testing and practicing for the anticipated flight to Rand.
2006-09-30ZS-SPCSouth AfricanWhiteMalutiFerriedQRAMaluti was ferried into FAGM from FAJS at about 0615Z. She first flew north to south overhead the field above the tower, joined right downwind for 11 and did 2 fly pasts, before coming into land on 11.
Status: 82,313.23 hours at the time of landing at Rand Airport


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